In the words of Colin Powell “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. We know you have the dreams to be successful, to achieve big and to be the leaders in your chosen fields. We are here to help you to achieve your dreams.

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What’s new for the students?

Well, this idea of online entry test preparation is probably not new; but certainly this website is new in all of its process of teaching and preparing its students in the best way. All our questions are prepared and explained by the professional teachers. Our Mission is to offer the students with the best opportunity to prepare for their Entry Test. We are unique because at one place you can view:

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  • Detailed analysis of all the subjects and all the topics.
  • Compare yourselves with other students
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  • Mock tests of all top universities (exactly how you will see them during your actual entry test) and what position you obtained during the mock test.
  • Past papers of most universities.
  • A checklist for you so that all aspects of your tests are covered.

As we all had gone through the entry test days, earlier it was difficult to have a data and MCQs that were 100% correct, handy and updated. Moreover, neither it was any way possible to compare the results of own with others. Nonetheless, our online entry test preparation offers the students to check their performance and mend their knotty parts during their preparation. Simply is not like other simple websites. It is primarily based on sophisticated Online processing tools. The advanced analysis tools will help you identify your strong and weak points, your position compared to other students, the areas you need to focus more and much more.

Moreover, we feel honor to let you know that in the making of this website highly professional individuals are involved who have highly devoted their time and endeavor for your convenience. is the best online entry test preparation system in Pakistan for you. It guarantees all the students the perfect experience they will have for their entry test preparation